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From Silicon Valley to Cerebral Valley

On September 21, 2023, at Apply’s headquarters, an event took place that hosted a reserved audience and exceptional speakers.

Andrea Pili, CIO of Apply, entrepreneur, and investor with direct experience in San Francisco, led a discussion on AI topics following a recent experience in Silicon Valley.

In a live connection, directly from San Francisco and Copenhagen, we had the pleasure of gaining insights into the AI trend topic from key figures on the international scene: Alessandro Cannas, Product Manager at Google, Paolo Privitera, serial entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, and Niccolò Perra from Pleo, one of the top-performing startups in all of Europe, with over 850 employees in the Fintech sector. Each of them contributed to enriching knowledge and experience in the field of artificial intelligence, a topic that is still relatively under-discussed and approached with seriousness.


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