Equity FundRaising


Supporting the entrepreneurial reality
through equity fund raising.

Equity fundraising is a tool of public or private nature in which a third party subscribes to the company’s capital shares with the aim of expanding market shares or increasing operating areas by sharing the business risk and profits. 

Apply accompanies the entrepreneur and his team throughout the whole equity fundraising process and/or the structuring of an acquisition transaction. The following are the STEPS:


Business and
Financial review

We conduct a comprehensive checkup of the company’s historical performance to identify strengths to be enhanced in building the equity story and business case, and any critical elements to work on to make the company “investment ready” and more attractive to third-party lenders.


Definition of the
Fund Raising Strategy.

Having analyzed some essential parameters of the company’s positioning (current and prospective), such as its life cycle stage, business model, technological maturity, profitability, competitive advantage, target sector, financial needs and growth objectives, we design the most consistent and appropriate financial structure and fundraising mix for the context.


Construction of the

Starting with an analysis of the current revenue model composition, the growth plan already formulated, any commercial budgets (and final figures), and internal data from the management control system, we support the entrepreneur in structuring a multi-year business plan, which anchors objectives and growth trajectory to objective elements and realistic assumptions inferred from the context analysis, appropriately enhancing the company’s main value drivers. 


Definition and planning
Of the Investment transaction.

This phase involves defining the strategy, structure and objectives of the deal, with particular reference to the definition of the range within which to place the valuation of the company, structuring the cap table, planning the deal in terms of subsequent AuCap and possible share disposal, identifying the timely timing of the various capital deployments based on the business plan and finally structuring any earn-outs. 


Construction of the
Investor Kit.

Consolidation of all prospective analyses and financial evaluations performed in the documents commonly required by equity investing best practices, such as investor deck, cash flow statements, income statement, balance sheet, investment plan, hiring plan, and organizational structure evolution.


Deal Structuring and
Due Diligence Support.

Supporting the negotiation with the potential financial partner to define the main elements of the transaction and assisting the entrepreneur in managing and coordinating all parties involved in the due diligence process by the buyer, preparing both the documentary basis and the interviews to which the company’s associates and key people are subjected in business, tech.


Deal Negotiation and

Support in the entire process of negotiating all the clauses of the investment contract and the related shareholders’ agreement and work alongside the client up to the final review of all contracts governing the extraordinary capital transaction, until they are signed by the notary.

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