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Bandzai, business intelligence
For subsidized finance.

Bandzai pre-filters and selects the financing measures most in line with the characteristics and growth objectives of your business. As a 360-degree digital assistant, Bandzai does so by automating the collection and analysis of information contained in notices, chamber of commerce visas and financial statements and matches it with the most in line measures.  


Improve your business
And simplify your work.

Eligibility Check

Based on the documents uploaded by the enterprise, Bandzai automatically returns only those measures your enterprise is eligible for.

Summary Sheet

You can start delving into the calls that Bandzai suggests thanks to the summary sheet that immediately brings the most interesting elements into focus.

Smart Search

You can decide to refine the selection through an intelligent filtering system based on location, type, and investment cost items.

Dashboard Lab

For each measure of interest, Bandzai provides you with a dashboard to run an initial simulation of the project's investment plan.

Index Compatibility

Thanks to its matching algorithm, you will be shown a profiled list of measures most in line with the structural characteristics of your enterprise.

Search by Project

You can query the database to find funding opportunities best suited for specific investments regardless of the characteristics of the enterprise.


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Creating an account on Bandzai is very easy! The platform will ask you to enter some relevant information such as email address and VAT number, and to upload the visura of the chamber of commerce and your company’s balance sheet. This data is used by the algorithm to refine the search and return to you as results the most suitable funding for your business. 


With Bandzai, calls and funding are
within the reach of all Entrepreneurs.

A platform that allows you to understand, in a simple and immediate way, which funding and calls are most suitable for your business. You will no longer have to waste time, Bandzai will take care of everything! The intelligent system, thanks to a compatibility index, will be able to show you all the opportunities in which your company can participate.


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